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…The Big Groove

July 1 – July 7 2016


An EXTRA special edition of The Big Groove Radio Show’s annual Canada Day Special as we present The World Premiere of the new Sunday Wilde album “Blueberries and Grits”!  A great set to kick off the All-Canadian mix…. which also includes first listens to new Allison Crowe, RootBone and Blue Moon Marquee. Big Groove favourites are naturally in the mix with John Pippus, Matt Andersen, Jeff Healey, catl. and Jimmy Gregor (Sunshine Coast!). And a super cool VINYL addition to the mix with absolute vintage Downchild Blues Band taken right from The Vinyl Vault walls. One hour is just too short for a Canada Day Special… but still an excellent Maple Leaf Mix coming your way…

Do The Do ~ Howlin’ Wolf


This Week’s Playlist

John The Conquer Root Sunday Wilde Blueberries and Grits 2016 Highway 11 Records
That Man Drives Me Mad Sunday Wilde Blueberries and Grits 2016 Highway 11 Records
One Of These Days Sunday Wilde Blueberries and Grits  2016 Highway 11 Records
Wrong Way Jack RootBone The Long Road Home 2016 Steeltone Records
Temptation Jeff Healey Heal My Soul 2016 Convexe Entertainment
Stop Breakin’ Down John Pippus Single 2015 Independent
Shakin’ House Blues catl. Fresh Baked Blues – Toronto Blues Society 2016 Independent
Tossin’ And Turnin’ Blue Moon Marquee Gypsy Blues 2016 Independent
You Don’t Have To Go Downchild Blues Band Bootleg (Vinyl Vault!) 1969 Special Records
Foggy Shore Allison Crowe Heirs & Grievances 2016 Rubenesque Records
Without You Jimmy Gregor Submitted Track 2016 Independent
One Good Song Matt Andersen Honest Man 2016 Independent